Contemporary Photography

Powerful, Compelling, Timeless

There's something special about a black and white portrait. From the early days of photography, skilled craftsmen have been creating portraits that have become true classics. The portraits created by Karen Walker convey the sitter's strength and beauty at every stage of life. As one of Karen Walker's two distinct portraiture styles, she elevates the simple black and white study to the level of true  art. A timeless portrait to be admired and passed down through the generations.

The Portrait Session

Black and white portraits are usually created in the artist's studio where she has complete control of the lighting and environment.  Color studies may be made in the studio or, if you desire to tell a more in depth story including your personal surroundings, a sitting at a location of your choosing may be possible. Karen is always receptive to your suggestions.

It's Time To Be Bold

A portrait is one of life's most treasured possessions, an investment in your life and history, becoming more precious with each passing day.  Contact Karen Walker today for a portrait that is powerful, compelling, and timeless.

"These pictures are SO special and somehow capture an inner peace and vunerability that I can't even put into words. You've taken people we know and love and showcased this raw beauty that you just don't notice day to day. You are making aging beautiful and timeless and something to be treasured. I just have to have them."  Bridget A.

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 You deserve my complete and undivided attention. Therefore, office hours are by appointment. I encourage you to call or drop me a line with any questions or to set up an appointment. I'll be happy to discuss your project and offer a free estimate. 

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