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Headshots for Web and Print

Working professionals know having an average business portrait will no longer make the cut. The business world is a highly competitive place and the finer details make all the difference.  Portraits offer potential clients a first look at who you are. Your business photos need to project the right image.

Advertising and connecting with people on the web and social media is huge in today's market.  Professional photos for your website, blog posts, business cards and brochures is a must have  to be taken seriously.  Clients need to feel they have a connection with you even before they meet you.  This is where great photos right from the start will make all the difference in your end result.


The Process: How We Work

Your Portrait Session

When you book a professional portrait session with us you can be sure to receive images that reflect your unique character and make you look both confident and approachable.

Prior to your session we take the time to learn a bit about you.  We’ll discuss the style that’s most suited to your needs and the personality you want to portray.  This will help guide the photo session.

A simple headshot session with one background style only takes about 15 minutes to complete.  If we are doing multiple styles and clothing changes, plan on up to one hour at the studio.

Payment is due at the time of your session.  Your finished images will be delivered by email or download within three business days.



Because headshots offer a close-up view of your face, we’ll work on any skin imperfections and blemishes where necessary, but will still look very natural.  We also tweak color and lighting, then crop and resize for your needs.

Retouching is included for all of our headshot packages so you can be confident you will look your best.

Headshot/Business Portrait Pricing

Pricing varies depending on your needs, travel and time involved creating the portrait.  Discounts are available when we photograph multiple individuals in one session.

Would You Like a Quote?

Please call or email.  I’ll be happy to quote a price!

Photography to Grow Your Brand

What is "Branding" Photography?

Professional or Personal branding photography is commercial photography with the authentic look and feel of family and personal lifestyle photography.

For Branding Photography, we create a large set of images that you can draw on over a period of time without having to do multiple photo shoots or purchase generic stock photos.  This method of producing your own personal stock of images is much less expensive than licensing commercial images and will have the power to connect you to your target audience on a deeply personal level.

These will be the images you will use on your website, social media, blog and in print for brochures and print ads.

Branding Photography pricing starts at $350.


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