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Old Photo Copy and Restoration - Caring for your family legacy

Sometimes it is only in hindsight we realize memories are special to us. We draw comfort in the knowledge that those memories will always be with us. Portraits show not only what we look like but tell a story of where we came from, how our family is composed and who is significant in our lives. Karen Walker offers expert photo restoration service. She will carefully copy, repair, and reprint your precious family heirloom photographs. Her restoration work has won numerous awards including International Electronic Imager of the Year. She is considered one of the top photo restoration professionals in the country.

Professional Retouching

Not every photograph is perfect straight out of the camera.  Oftentimes there's a little something that needs to be removed from your photo:  a tree branch or specks of dust.  Perhaps your subject's clothing or complexion is less then perfect.  Or maybe you have two or more photos that need elements combined.  How do you make changes to your photo when the task is complex or you just don't have the time or software to make it happen?  The answer is to send your photo to a professional retoucher.  Karen Walker specializes in photo retouching and restoration. Now you can have the finishing touches applied to your photos just like the Hollywood movie stars and big city advertising agencies.

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